Guangzhou Feng Tian Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, is a professional agent chemicals based company, has the right of self import and export. The company has many famous foreign chemical raw materials manufacturers support and trust, such as the Dow, Germany BASF, Germany Clariant, American Eastman, Thailand HM VANDEPUTTE, Belgium Solvay, SOLVAY, AKZO NOBEL AkzoNobel, Coneal CCI, Evonik EVONIK, Petronas PETRONAS, agent of the United States and the European Union, Japan, South Korea and other countries of the chemical raw materials. Involving a wide range of industries, such as pesticides, chemical, textile, papermaking, industrial cleaning, household cleaning, adhesives, inks, rubber plastic, polyurethane coating, water treatment, food and leather surface treatment, providing a wide range of high quality raw material products for the industry. The agent of many famous international chemical industry products China area sales, to establish business contacts with all parts of the country thousands of manufacturers, to provide quality services to customers in China, the formation of smooth and stable sales network.         

The company is headquartered in Guangzhou City, China, in Toronto, Hongkong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu, with offices and warehouses in Southern China with tanks, more convenient to the nearest to the local users timely and quality service. The company is willing to establish a transparent contact mechanism between suppliers and customers to facilitate the information technology exchange between the two sides. Our technical / sales representatives are chemistry and related professional education and well-trained, and will certainly meet all your requirements!      

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